From the Pastor’s desk…

Happy New Year and a blessed and prosperous 2013 to all! Great things are in store for those who love the Lord, Jesus. As we embark upon the path that God has ordained for our lives in this new season, it is to everyone’s advantage to fall in love with Jesus. If you feel you’re already in love with Him, it’s okay to fall in love with Jesus again. I am so optimistic and excited about the peace I have in my spirit concerning Zion Grove Baptist Church. God is watching over His Word concerning this Church to bring about the changes He has ordered, so that His divine will can be performed and souls are continually rescued from the hand of the enemy. It’s a great time for us and God is promising great things. Now, as with anything worth-while, there is transition that must take place. As a minister for the past 30 years and as a pastor now in the 16th year, I am not at all alarmed by spiritual “turbulence”. In fact, I have learned through what only time and experience can teach, that God allows turbulence to shake things up and to purify His work. When the turbulence ceases, only what is truly founded and established by God will stand. This year make sure your number one priority is to develop and maintain a personal and close relationship with Jesus Christ. If you do this and walk humbly before God, He has promised to make easy and successful your way. Remember, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness and all other things (needs and Godly desires) will be added unto you”.
As always, I’m on my way somewhere great and prosperous and I’m determined to go, even if by myself. However, I’m extending an invitation to you to follow me because the blessings of God overtake me and there’s a blessing just for being attached to the blessed of the Lord. Let’s go up together!

                                                                                                                                                               W.Charles Morrow, Pastor